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About Stray Aid & Rescue

Stray Aid & Rescue was founded by Diane Fraser in May of 2003 to help the community by helping to control pet overpopulation and find homes for stray kittens and cats. Here is Diane’s story in her own words:

Diane Fraser and Paris
Diane and Paris

Who I am and what we hope to accomplish…

What a loaded question…

In late 1999, I started volunteering at a no-kill shelter. I would clean kennels, cat rooms, help with adoptions, take dogs to the vet for spay/neuter surgeries, and it just snowballed from there!

I took on my first foster dog. Phoenix, an 8 month old Red nose Pit Bull. She had Demodex Mange, and she had it bad. She came to the shelter right off the streets of Pompano at about 4 months old. I met her when she was about 6 months old and the shelter director told me to take her “home for the weekend” to show her what a real home is like. I also wanted to take her to the vet for her weekly dips, etc. Needless to say, I adopted her about 8 months later…. still not better medically, but she was home. It was less than 6 months after I adopted Phoenix; that I took on my first abandoned litter of pups. Once those were adopted, I took on another litter, then another, then it turned into only one or two at a time. As of today, I have rescued and placed over 50 puppies/dogs and over 20 kittens into loving homes.

After I successfully rescue/loved/adopted out all those abandoned pets, it was time for me to take a break….RIGHT???

Not quite yet… That is when I got a call to help with a feral cat colony. There were about 25 cats in this colony and only 5 had been neutered. After about 30 days and about 20 surgeries, and 6 rescued kittens…this colony was contained. The people who fed these cats continue to feed and care for this colony.

I saw a need for someone to help people in our community, help these stray cats/kittens. That is when I founded Stray Aid & Rescue, Inc. in May of 2003.

What does this group mean to me? It means a lot of things….

  1. Trapping/Sterilizing/Vaccinating/Re-releasing cats in feral colonies. Rescuing the young kittens from these colonies, then fostering them until they are old enough to be neutered and placed into loving homes.
  2. Educating people about pet abandonment. I want to help empower people to make a difference in an abandoned/stray pets’ life. You can make a difference! If you feed a stray cat, get it neutered. Let’s stop these stray pets from reproducing and creating more burden on you and our community. If you need help…ask for help! If you are not sure what to do….Just ask! That is what we are here to do! If we can’t help or don’t know the answer, we may have some other options/other people that can help.
  3. Spay/Neuter projects for owned pets. We need to stop the overwhelming number of pets that end up in shelters or are euthanized because there are not enough available homes.

We are very excited to accomplish our goals and set new ones. We look forward in making a lot of friends along the way.

Stray Aid & Rescue is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation.
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