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Mission Kuranda

We are in the process of providing Kuranda beds for every kennel run at Broward County Animal Care & Regulation. Katia Medina, who volunteers at BCACR started with the idea and we quickly jumped on board to help accomplish her wish.

Through Katia’s efforts we’ve already raised the money and delivered beds for the adoption area, but we need 59 more LARGE beds: 19 for recovery/sick/injured area and 40 for the stray kennel section.

The Pompano shelter already has 2 beds that they were testing out. We will be delivering 9 more beds today, July 10th. The remaining 8 beds will be delivered in August. ALL 19 runs will have KURANDA bed comfort! Katia’s fund raising-yard sale raised enough money so we could order all of the beds for the Pompano shelter.

If you would like to donate a bed, you can click on the Kuranda message to the left and order the bed directly from Kuranda. It will be delivered to Stray Aid & Rescue, Inc. where we will assemble it and deliver it to the shelter. The cost of each large bed is $54.00, plus shipping.

As of December 16, 2009 ALL of the Kuranda beds have been purchased.

Thank you to everyone in the community who helped make this a better Christmas for the shelter dogs at Broward County Animal Care & Regulation,Pompano and Fort Lauderdale shelter locations.

Katia, your wish has been fulfilled. Thank you for getting us involved. We were so happy to help.

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