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Stray Aid offers affordable spay and neuter services for South Florida

March 25, 2:04 PM – West Palm Beach Dog Rescue Examiner – Pam D’Addio

As our troubled economy is making it harder for pet owners to do the right thing and have their pets spayed and neutered, South Floridians are lucky to have the organization Stray Aid to help. Offering low cost spay and neuter as well as rescue and adoption services, it is a lifesaver for animals.

Stray Aid was founded in 2003 by Diane Fraser, a former shelter volunteer who saw the tremendous need and jumped in with both feet to help reduce the animal overpopulation in the area. Her passion for dogs and cats drove her to start the non-profit, no-kill, all volunteer rescue organization in Dania which serves South Florida from Jupiter to the Florida Keys.

Spaying and neutering our pets is the single biggest thing we can do to prevent the euthanasia of over 4 million dogs and cats in shelters each year. It is staggering to learn the number of offspring that cats, for example, can produce in their lifetime. Check out the math here, and see how just one mated pair and their descendants can be responsible for up to 80 million cats born in ten years!!

The shelter system simply cannot rescue and find homes for the huge numbers of animals born. Most veterinarians charge $200-$400 for sterilization, but Stray Aid offers services for about a third of that price. “It is still more affordable to drive to us from anywhere in South Florida”, says Diane. For a complete list of prices, click here. People who travel some distance to Stray Aid are often accommodated by having their pet done first and allowed to be picked up first, so they don’t have to make two trips.

Owned pets, strays picked up by good Samaritans, and even feral cats are all common patients at the clinic. Diane says, “All that is required is that the animal needs to be neutered”.

What keeps Diane and others in the fight to save lives? “It is a daunting task to reduce the numbers of pets that end up in our shelters. Needless to say, we are very busy but loving every minute of it. We’re happy that people will seek out quality, affordable services for their pet. What keeps us going is knowing we are making a difference”.

Kudos to Diane and her volunteer staff and kudos to you, the readers who adopt, spay, neuter, and tag or microchip your pets to help save lives!

Stray Aid is located at The Animal Clinic, 4101 Griffin Road, Dania, FL 33314. I-95 to Griffin Road, 2 miles west, on North side. (954) 816-0799. For prices and appointments click here.

Another way to help animal overpopulation: Purchase an “Animal Friend” license plate and a donation will be made to spay and neuter programs in Florida.

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