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Dog Days of Summer

Counting sheep (or maybe cats) just got better for the dogs at Broward County Animal Care and Regulation Division animal shelters in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach. That’s because several special Kuranda beds were recently delivered to the animal shelters as part of a donation by Stray Aid & Rescue in Fort Lauderdale.

“Stray Aid & Rescue’s donation is another example of how community partnerships contribute to the success of animal care in Broward County, and our new initiative, Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW),” said Earl Bosworth, acting director of the County’s Animal Care and Regulation Division. PAW is a series of county-sponsored initiatives that develop and support a caring community for animals through a community-wide coalition of individuals and organizations, including schools, businesses, municipalities and other governmental organizations.

Kuranda is the brand name of a special dog bed. Each Kuranda mattress is made with a comfortable, breathable fabric, which is connected to a sturdy frame. The frame is elevated so that dogs can enjoy a good night’s sleep without lying on the floor. In addition, they are durable, easy to clean and chew proof – just perfect for the canines that regularly pass through the shelter.

“We are committed to helping make the lives of the pets at Broward County Animal Care & Regulation more comfortable,” said Diane Fraser, founder/president of Stray Aid & Rescue. “We often donate food, medications and other items to Animal Care. However, our latest project is to provide Kuranda beds to the shelter in order to help make a dog’s stay more comfortable.”


“Our goal is to provide a total of 58 more beds – enough to furnish each of the remaining kennel runs in Animal Care. With the help of fund-raising efforts by volunteers and monetary donations, Stray Aid & Rescue is on its way to purchasing more,” said Fraser. “We are grateful for the efforts of Stray Aid & Rescue to help our dogs. Stray Aid worked with us to identify a need and provide the perfect solution for our shelter dogs,” said Bosworth. As for the dogs at Animal Care and Regulation, they are quite happy in their cozy, bright blue beds and enjoying a better night’s sleep thanks to volunteer efforts and big hearts.

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