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October 2006 – The First Three Years

Diane Fraser, Founder/PresidentWe have been working very hard the past 3 years to build a rescue group that has stayed true to our mission statement, which is to help the helpless. Our volunteers have been a critical part of our success.

The community has showed its commitment to help the cats they are feeding and are willing to do the right thing for them. Whether it is to Trap/Neuter & Release them or take the cat or kitten to a shelter that can accommodate them, to simply taking them into their own homes.

We have been working exclusively with the MASH Unit that is run by the Broward County Humane Society for all of our spaying/neutering and testing of all of our rescued cat and kittens. The vets and staff on the MASH Unit are exceptional people whose dedication and commitment to helping all of the cats in our community, is beyond what you would expect. Their high standards and quality care as well as their compassion to all of the cats (feral and non) is obvious and appreciated. The community has access to the MASH Unit. You can call to make an appointment at 954-266-6826.

Extra special thanks to Dr. Robin Kuchar, Dr. Robin Stelljas, Dr. Al Meilan and staff of South Federal Animal Hospital for helping us these past 3 years with the special care we need when we bring in kittens with broken limbs, eye infections, and other ailments. They have also helped us with the few dogs that we get in our care, making sure they get the medical attention they need for a clean bill of health. We highly recommend their compassionate care. They treat your pet like they would want their own pet treated. No runaround! You can contact South Federal Animal Hospital at 954-523-8527.

We absolutely could not adopt out the numbers of cats and kittens each year without the help of Bob & Ellie at A Pets Place. The have donated precious retail space in their wonderful store to showcase our rescued cats and kittens. Please support them by shopping at their store. They are one of the few “Mom & Pop” shops that is still around. They have, or can get, just about anything you need for your pets.

We continue to be active in our community to help you with the stray cats and kittens. We will do all we can to help the helpless, feline or canine. We all can help stop the overpopulation of dogs and cats by spaying or neutering our pets and to encourage others to do so. We (as a community) also need to adopt rescued pets (instead of buying from a breeder) and give them the homes they deserve. If you know someone who is looking to add a pet to their family, direct them to to find the pet they are looking for.

Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for caring.

Diane Fraser, Founder/President
Stray Aid & Rescue, Inc.

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