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Success Stories

Our wish is to create happy endings for the many sad stories of stray and abandoned dogs and cats due to pet overpopulation. Below are just a few of our success stories with photos and words from their proud new parents.

SluggerHi Diane, just wanted to keep in touch and let you know that Rial ( I actually changed his name to Slugger when I first brought him home in FL) is doing so, so well. Everyone is just completely in love with him- my family, friends, pretty much everyone who comes into the house. My dad is especially fond of him, so much so, that for Christmas I actually bought my dad an “I love Grandpa” frame with a picture of Slugger in it! And trust me, Slugger loves his Grandpa a great deal, he follows him around the house just like a dog. And speaking of dogs, I think Slugger might be part dog as he has learned to fetch his toys, and if you throw them, will literally bring them back to you and drop them at your feet. I just wanted to let you know how he’s doing and that I’m fairly certain there’s never been a cat who’s more loved.
MartiniI just wanted to thank you for allowing me to adopt Martini. She is doing great and is just as spunky as always. Thanks again for bringing us together she is a wonderful companion and I feel lucky to have her.

Spike was at Broward County Animal Care & Regulation, picked up as a stray dog. His stray time was up, and he would only be released to a rescue, due to his severe skin condition. He was also underweight and needed to be under medical care for at least a few months to correct this severe neglect that he suffered, probably for most of his life, due to the type of mange he had. We knew he was most likely a Yorkie or Silkie Mix, but only by how is faced looked. He was only about 6-8 months old. He was in such horrible condition physically and mentally. Only after a few months we saw a huge difference.

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Cecil and HarleyWe wanted to take a minute to let you know that today marks Cecil’s fifth birthday. Almost five years ago we adopted Cecil from you and can never tell you how much he means to us. From that sickly little “purr-baby” that almost didn’t survive grew an incredible character with a lot of personality. He loves us and his brother Harley tremendously as he did that first day we got him home. The two boys are inseparable buddies. We’ve attached a couple pictures that hopefully will remind you of our boy and all the great work that you do. Thank you so much for letting him into our lives. Without him, it would not be the same. We are proud to be one of your “success stories”.
Tiffany and TammyTim and I really enjoyed meeting with you today.  We were both really impressed by the work you and Linda do and the dedication you put into it.
Rest assured that Tiffany the Elegant will have an amazing life and want for nothing.  Along with her new name, she will have a new life filled with nothing but love.
Mel (Cider)
Mel - Christmas 2008Just wanted to let you know what a great cat Mel is. We can’t believe it has been over a year since you showed him to us. I remember we had been looking for a calm, black, female older cat to keep our older girl Mimi company. Somehow we came home with the exact opposite but he is just what we never knew we wanted. We didn’t know a cat could be so active. If there is fun to be found Mel is there. He enjoys hanging out with us at all times and keeps us laughing at his antics. He came to realize that our older cat doesn’t have the same energy level so he will keep her company in the sunroom or sleep near her in the bedroom. He is such an amazing cat in so many ways that we don’t understand how anyone could have given him back to you. Thanks so much for helping us to find the perfect cat.
SimoneJust wanted to let you know that Simone is doing wonderfully. When she first arrived at our house last week, she seemd a little nervous for a day or two. Since that time, however, she has completely settled in to her new home and family. She is loving and playful…and we are thrilled with her progress. Our other cat has accepted her with no problem, and they play all the time.
Thanks so much for all of your efforts, and that of your group. They certainly have paid off for Simone.
PyeI wanted to thank you for all you do and for allowing us to care for Pye and and adding her to my family.
She is the sweetest!
Ginger & Wasabi
Ginger and WasabiDiane. . .thank you again for bringing these not-so-tiny-anymore terrorists into my life.  You can be sure they are much loved and spoiled rotten.
MurphyI am living the good life…I wanted to say “thank you” for saving my life. I am sure a lucky dog and I am very spoiled these days.
Hugs and kisses, Murphy (Faith)
Blossom and Friend

We want to let Diane know….Blossom is all caught up with her shots, and is getting big and beautiful!
Thank you again for the work you do and for our beautiful baby!

I can’t tell you just how excited I was to see our Blossom has bloomed!! She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! She has the most amazing spots with her light colored coat. Seeing her so happy, loved and safe makes me feel like together we can change the course of these abandoned kittens lives. Proof is in the photos!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for caring as much as I do!

MarlonThought I’d send you a couple of new pictures – Marlon (Rai) has really turned into something – What a smart kitty – I’ve taught him to roll over & he fetches – He’s so funny – He still sucks on me – guess he must have been the runt of the litter & had to fight for milk – When he sucks he kicks his back feet all over the place – I call him The Dancing Machine. I’m so glad I have him & he really turned out to be a beautiful cat – I’m sure his little sister did too. Next time I”m in Fort Lauderdale – I’ll stop in the pet store & drop off some items you have listed on your website.
Lady & GeorgeWell I finally got round to emailing some photos of George and Lady. From Christmas morning right up to recent. She is just so wonderful – thank you. My very first cat/pet ever and she is the best. I know you where a little nervous about George only being 4 and me not having had a cat before. Well let me say that Lady is one little pampered cat. When George gets into trouble and is upset he always asks for LADY!! Cos they hug and kiss on each other and she knows when he’s sad. She is just a ball of fun and I couldn’t be with out her. Do you happen to know where Lady’s little brother went, as we would love to see photo’s of him if you have them. IF nothing else say hi to him from Lady and let me know that his Mummy and Daddy ( that’s George ) love her and she went to a wonderful home. Let me know what you think of the photo’s and I hope you enjoy. If you ever have someone that is not sure about adopting/loving a cat please send them my way – as I will tell them how easy and how much love they can share. Take Care and write back when you get a moment. Don’t forget if your ever in the Jupiter area we would love to see you. George – AKA Steve Irwin, keeps asking if we can come back down to the store, he loved it in there so much, with all the animals.
Trinket & Adele

Just wanted to let you know that Trinket is doing terrific! I never imagined things would go so smoothly in my house. Kody is so sweet to her and she isn’t afraid or intimidated by him at all. Trinket loves to chew on Kody’s rawhide sticks. He doesn’t seem to care so everyone is happy. She is just the best little girl.

Thanks so much for the update. Isn’t she EASY! (don’t tell her I told you). I couldn’t be happier for you all. She is a doll and will be very happy being spoiled by you. It is bittersweet for us because she is so special and we missed her the moment she left. She will remain in our hearts forever as a special “visitor”. Now, I can focus on Buddy (our remaining visitor) and my crew of fur babies. Thank you for giving me the peace of mind that she will NEVER have to live the life she had. She will never look back.


I cannot begin to thank you for introducing me to Mario; we decided to change his name to Shane. He is such a wonderful companion to me already. I actually have him sleeping with me every night.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you.


Chad’s original inquiry:

I did a search of local cat shelters in the South Florida Region and I came across you and your shelter. I am so touched by what you are doing to help what I consider to be the finest things in our society, our animals.

I have had a miserable day today, I lost my cat of 15 years this evening. My cats name was Shanie. I have had since she was 7 weeks old, and by far she has been the thing which I have counted on most in my life. I survived cancer, a loss of a fiancé, and of my career and Shanie never left my side.

With all of this said, I am ready to give all of my love to another cat. I am seeking a kitten that looks similar to my Shanie. I have attached a picture of her. Do you come across younger cats like this?

I truly appreciate your time in reading my story, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Momma Mia  
Momma Mia

Momma Mia was the first cat we helped as she needed a leg amputated.

“She is a GREAT cat and seems to be settling into life well. She still has episodes occasionally with her back and at some point I do want to see if we can figure out what it is – but it is not urgent, it seems to come and go. Otherwise everything is great and she is quite the character.”

Ransom and Zach
Ransom and ZachHere’s a pic of Ransom coming up to Zach and giving a little nose kiss. Zach did something funny earlier … he had closed the door to his room (as he always does) and mistakenly left Ransom in his room. We asked him to open the door and let Ransom out, but instead Zach picked him up and brought him into the family room. It’s not a long walk, but Ransom was not bothered and Zach was comfortable picking him up on his own without us prompting him. That’s exactly the temperament of cat we were wanting; one that wouldn’t mind being picked up by our kids. I think we did find a good match and we’ll continue to give you updates as things progress. We’re very optimistic!!!
The Graham Trio
The Graham TrioHere is the trio: Molly forefront (Josie), Clara and Tabitha (Angelina)in the background. Always by the food dish, especially Molly (she is Croix’s sister). Very hard to get them all together to have a photo – lol. Hope everything is well with you – just thought you might enjoy the pic !!
WileyWe have renamed Ridge. His new name is Wiley. Everything is going great! Just a few little things here and there but that’s to be expected. He loves to sleep with us in the bed and his favorite toys are the gray furry mice. His favorite game is catch the mouse. Marcel ties one of the mice to a fishing pole and throws/dangles it around. I’m attaching some pictures for you. Thanks again for all of your help!
NashI just wanted to give you an update on Nash. He is has adapted to his new home and spoiled rotten by all of us. He loves to ride in the car and be carried outside to just sniff the outside air. One of his quirky things is that he wakes me up by pulling on my hair especially when he is hungry. And of course he is so spoiled I get up and play a little bit, feed him and then go back to sleep. He follows us around all the time and loves all the attention he gets from us. He is just a ham. I have enclosed a picture so you can see him on his favorite hanging out place to watch TV. He is just incredible. Thank you and to the person that gave him up!
Bianca Star
Bianca StarBianca Star was found pregnant, eating scraps outside a condominium in Miami. She was brought to us with her newborn litter. She is now living in Spain with the Thomas Family. Here is her 2005 update.

A little note about Bianca Star, I’m sure you will remember. Few months in Spain already and loving Serrano ham! She is much more open now then she was before, much less afraid. We have seen her running and playing sometimes, she is loved so much in our family.

Regards, Thomas family.

NathanNichole asked me to drop you a note to let you know that we have moved. Nathan has a few more square feet to run around in, plus carpet for traction and bigger windows to occupy. We also wanted to show you some pictures we promised you a while back! This is him at 9 months old…a big boy already! He is double the size of his buddy now! Please share this with the folks who rescued him from the streets of Miami. Assure them he is loved and very happy. Thanks!
Megan and Nori
Megan and NoriI just wanted to give you an update on Nori. She is doing beautifully…she is quite fond of my older cat Peppi and watches him do everything and he is warming up to her very quickly, which is terrific. Nori has the run of the house now, and she seems absolutely thrilled…her numerous toys are strewn all about, and she plays and plays for hours, zooming through the house on her little paws. She has also taken to sleeping in my bed, which is perfect with me. Her appetite is as healthy as ever…she even attempts to steal Peppi’s food at every meal. My entire family is absolutely in love with Nori (as am I, obviously). She fits right in, and she knows it. I can’t thank you enough for making it possible for me to adopt Nori.


IsabellaHi there! It’s me Isabella. I just have a quick minute to write this. I just wanted to say thank you again for finding me such a wonderful Mommy and Daddy. Mommy and I have had a very busy day today. First I woke her up bright and early because it was play time and she was missing out. Then I rubbed her legs while she brushed her teeth to remind her that I was there and ready to play. I followed her quickly down the stairs, but she was stumbling over me in her haste to play so she ended up picking me up, cuddling me close and carrying me down the rest of the way� perfect! I am learning a lot from Mom and Dad, I know my names (I say names because Mommy and Daddy call me Isabella, Missy Issy, and Baby Girl). I know that as soon as Mommy comes home from work she will feed me and my big brother Flash and I know that no matter what I do to make Mommy mad at me, she still picks me up, rubs her face in mine and says �I love you�. Love, Isabella
TiggerI wanted to give you an update on Liam (aka-Tigger), whom we adopted from you mid-November. He is doing great and getting along with his big sister (Tabby, our black and gray tabby) very nicely. She grooms him often and I often find them sleeping together. They are enjoying playing together, too. It took about two weeks before they really started to get along with each other, but now you can’t keep them apart! He has become quite the little charmer as he rubs on everyone’s legs who walks in the door and greets them with a meow. He’s never met a stranger! He has definitely grown a lot over the past month in his length. He is going to be a strong, sturdy, long cat when he gets older I believe. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for our “little bundle of joy.”
SebastianIt’s me Sebastian. It’s hard to see my face but just wanted to check in with you and thank u again for the wonderful home u sent me to. I have them trained well lol. They love me to pieces and in return I love them. I have to go for my shots soon, yuck. I’m not looking forward to that. Meow for now.
SophiaI recently had to euthanize my cat of 15 years, due to old age, and it has been hard not having a little friend around. I was searching on one day looking at all the kittens in my area, when I came
across a picture of this tiny little Russian Blue mix, named Sophia. As a solid believer in adopting pets from shelters, I contacted Diane at Stray Aid & Rescue. I was emailed an adoption application and I promptly filled it out and emailed it back. She was so nice and accommodating in meeting me and introducing me to Sophia. I immediately fell in love. Diane made it so easy
to adopt her and I brought Sophia to her new home. She was extremely well trained and house-broken.
Thank you so much for helping me find another “little friend”!
Beau and Jaden
Beau and JadenJust wanted to say thank you again for all your assistance and flexibility adopting the cats. The kittens slept during the entire flight. They seem to be having a ball. Beau seems to recognize his limitations. He does not explore far. However, he did try to climb a tree. He seems to be getting more courage each day. Elyse sits
in the tree and reads with Jaden on her lap. Just wanted to give you a update. All is well. Thanks again!
Cecil & Harley
Cecil & HarleyThe minute we saw Cecil’s face at we knew our search was over. We filled out the application online and drove to “A Pet’s Place” to see our little guy. After waiting another three weeks for Cecil to be tested, neutered, wormed and vaccinated, he was finally ready to come home.

Harley accepted Cecil right away and they have become inseparable. Whether napping together, drinking out of the sink, chasing our toes under the covers, meowing in unison at mealtimes, rolling by in a big ball of fur or just hanging out, they bring us joy and entertain, they express devotion and contentment and we feel good knowing they will have a loving secure home for life.

BrooklynBrooklyn was just a kitten when she started showing up on our front porch last winter, looking for food. At first we would see her and her mom together, eating the dry food out of the bowl we put out for them. Pretty soon though, we didn’t see the mom anymore, but Brooklyn was becoming a real regular. She wasn’t running away the moment she saw us anymore, and she would even lay right there on the sidewalk in front of the porch, patiently waiting for us to put the food out for her. Then one day the next-door neighbors told us that Brooklyn had had a litter of kittens on their back porch. We thought they must be mistaken; maybe it was Brooklyn’s mom or some other black cat. We saw Brooklyn every single day and never noticed her having a big belly. Besides, she was still just a kitten herself! But it turned out that they were right – it was Brooklyn who had had the kittens on their back porch. Two white kittens and one striped. That’s when we called Stray Aid & Rescue. Diane & Sandy came out that Saturday morning. We were able to trap Brooklyn right off the bat – the kittens were a little bit trickier, but by the end of that weekend, all three babies were rescued and Brooklyn was spayed, vaccinated and returned that Monday morning. All three of the kittens got adopted into wonderful homes – and we even get updates on them. And Brooklyn has become such a sweet little kitty! She’s there every morning when we wake up and every evening when we come home from work, rolling and stretching and purring and meowing. She even lets us pet her now!

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